When will the Queen Bee Market be held in 2016?
Friday, December 2nd and Saturday, December 3rd 

How do you determine who gets into the Market?
Our goal is to have a unique Market full with all different types of handmade vendors. Because of this, we cannot accept everyone that applies.  We base our decisions on what fits best with the feel of our show.  In general our show is an urban style handmade market- it’s feminine and fun.  We work hard to find vendors that are fresh and offer current trends.  We are different from a country craft fair. We put a strong emphasis on staging your booth- it is not a show up and throw a tablecloth down type of show.  Presentation means a lot to us.Those accepted will be based on the following:

  • great handmade product
  • activity in social media and within the community
  • booth presentation
  • overall fit with the other vendors

Because it’s a handmade market, we do not accept multi-level marketing, home party or vendors that don’t have the majority of their items handmade.
We will be accepting food vendors for this show!

How long will you be accepting applications?
Applications open 3 months prior to the show (one week later for new vendors) and close two weeks later.

How big are the booths? 
The booths are 6′x8′, endcap is 12’x6′ (for an extra fee) and double booths are also an option.  This includes any product placement on the floor and room for standing. There are no height requirements and no walls or partitions are provided.  We provide the space, you bring everything to put in the space.  More information is given upon acceptance to the Market.

Do I have to stay at my booth for the entire show?
Yes.  You or someone helping you is required to be there during the entire event.  You will be allowed 2 additional people in your booth (3 total).

Are you accepting food vendors?
YES!! Finally!! And we are thrilled about it.

Can I share a booth with my friend?
Unfortunately we do not allow booth sharing.

What is the cost of the Queen Bee Market?
There is a $25 non-refundable application fee for new vendors and a $225 fee for a 6’x8′ booth.

What happens to my booth fee if I’m not accepted?
If you are not accepted into the show, your $225 check will NOT be deposited and will be shredded.  The $25 application fee is not refundable.

Are booth fees refundable?
No they are not refundable.